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It is very important to ensure your computer is properly protected. You need a firewall (to stop unauthorised access to your computer from the internet) and anti-virus software (to scan emails and files for viruses). It is also worth scanning for spyware and deleting spam without reading or responding to it.

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Managed IT Security from Tabard IT

Poor computer security has been the aggravating factor of identity fraud, bank accounts being cleared out & important documents being encrypted in the past and even today. So it is imperative that your computer remains secure at all times, to ensure that this never happens to you or members of your family.

Here are a few IT security tips from Tabard IT that you can follow to make sure that you never face security concerns.

  • Keep your operating system updated – OS Providers such as Microsoft, Apple and even those in the openSource Linux community regularly release updates specific to your operating system. Most of these updates will provide patches for security exploits that have been discovered in the operating system.
  • Own a reliable anti-virus system – Probably the most important part of maintaining computer security, an anti-virus system will create a wall between clean and infected files. Most programs will pick up the virus as soon as it enters your computer’s hard drive and put it into quarantine, preventing that file from making any changes until you either allow it to make changes because you know that the file isn’t a virus, or you remove it.
  • Keep virus definition databases up to date – There are companies out there that try to keep on top of the computer viruses that are out there, when they find a new one they will update their database, which will link to your anti-virus program. So you should always keep this database up to date in order to catch the most recent viruses that have been picked up, as those fighting against the scourge get smarter so do the people creating it.
  • Keeping your information safe online – The internet is definitely a wild west and like the wild west, there are lots of people who are out to make an un-honest living like Outlaws. Basic things like making sure a website has a Secure Socket Layer (SSL/HTTPS) active before you input your credit card details, could be the fine line that exists preventing someone from intercepting your information.

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