Apple’s Long Awaited iMac Pro is Go

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Apple’s iMac Pro offers new addition to the iMac family

iMac Pro image by Nipastock (via Shutterstock).

The iMac (seen above) is long overdue a new model, and the iMac Pro could be the answer. If you have the spare cash. Image by Nipastock (via Shutterstock).

It has been quite a while since Apple last released an iMac PC. Well, October 2015 to be precise. Of late, many people have associated the company with its iPhones and iPads, to a point where desktop PCs have been forgotten. Well, think again. This December will see the arrival of Apple’s latest iMac PCs. Their newest addition is the iMac Pro, a new generation of iMacs with performance in mind.

The iMac Pro will be Apple’s flagship desktop PCs. To distinguish itself from the standard iMacs, they will be coloured in Space Grey. Its starting price will be £3,870 plus VAT, but the features are something to die for if you have the cash. These include:

  • A Space Grey 27 inch display with 5K resolution;
  • Powerful Intel Xeon processors, in eight, ten, and eighteen core forms;
  • 128GB of ECC RAM and a 4TB solid state hard drive;
  • Four Thunderbolt 3.0 connectors.

There will also be eye-popping 3D graphics, courtesy of the Radeon Pro Vega graphics card with up to 16GB of memory. As well as the Thunderbolt 3.0 connectors, the iMac Pro machines will have 10Gb ethernet, which allows for faster networking. A boon for streaming video files and sending memory hungry files across to similarly connected machines.

Another groundbreaking feature for Apple’s high end iMacs is the ability to create virtual reality graphics. This is helped in no small part by the enhanced resolution and specifications – particularly with the Intel Xeon processor. With the entry level iMac Pro this starts in eight core form, with the top of the range version boasting a dizzying eighteen cores.

The latest standard iMac computers are now available in Apple Stores, whereas the iMac Pro should hit the shops by December.

Tabard IT, 08 June 2017.

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