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A visual representation of profits and revenues from Apple, Microsoft, and other noted IT companies

Fact: per second, Apple’s profits and revenues are the highest of the world’s top IT companies. On our website, this is the last thing you would expect to see due to our choice of operating system. It is also worth noting that Microsoft is the third most profitable IT business in the world (Amazon is second).

The website,, has presented this information in a neat visual format.

Click here to look at Microsoft profits in a Metro style background.

Does the style of boxes look familiar? They seem to have been inspired by the Microsoft Metro style grid used in Windows 8 onwards. Well, as they say, imitation is the best form of flattery. The use of the Metro boxes allows for an accessible way of presenting the data. This is repeated in another infographic of theirs, entitled The Internet in Real Time.

Worthy of note is the fact that Twitter is running at quite a loss. Microsoft’s other brands, Skype and X Box 360 are doing pretty nicely.

The Internet in Real Time infographic.

This infographic includes the amount of minutes which callers are on Skype or WhatsApp for; also the amount of search enquiries on Google (what no Bing?).

Another useful source

The figures from both infographics are staggering. If none of the two infographics are enough, we at Tabard IT recommend This offers you more real time information and links to their sources. From this site, we not only know the exact number of tweets around the world. There’s also details of carbon consumption created by the internet alone and computer sales.

Better still, if you click on any of the stats, there is a visual animated representation of, for example, each amount of electricity consumed by PCs or Twitter feeds. If you have a bit of spare time to waste, it is compulsive viewing (if you like this sort of thing).

Tabard IT, 05 February 2016.

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