Should Internet Security Be as Vital as Road Safety?

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NSPCC and O2 Share Aware campaign aims to raise awareness of internet security among young children

Internet security signage by Imran's Photography (via Shutterstock).

Be smart, be safe: Share Aware aims to place internet security on the same level as road safety. Image by Imran’s Photography (via Shutterstock).

Internet security has never been out of the news agenda for the last two decades. Over the last week, the NHS England’s security alert has dominated the headlines. Especially with the revelation that Windows XP was still used by some NHS Trusts.

Whether in convalescence or in a Skype or Facetime conversation, internet security begins at home. Its importance, according to a campaign known as Share Aware, should be on the same level as road safety. Share Aware is a campaign sponsored by the NSPCC and O2. It aims to raise awareness of online security concerns for young people aged 8 to 13 years old.

The centrepiece of their campaign is a selection of animated films voiced by Catherine Tate. Focusing on two characters, Alex and Lucy, they look at the security risks they could be exposed to. For example: sharing your location on social media sites. The video clips show how shared pictures could fall into the wrong hands: for example, paedophiles and school bullies.

With road safety in our formative years, we are taught to look both ways, avoid crossing between parked cars, and how to use pedestrian crossings. With the NSPCC’s and O2’s joint campaign, their equivalent checks and balances include regular conversations with parents and children about their online profiles. Also looking at social networking sites as a family rather than an individual.

In addition to their informative video clips, they have created a website known as Web Aware. This is a guide to the social networking sites that are popular with youngsters. It is also a bench marking tool which assesses popular social media sites, Top Trumps style. These are according to their ease of signing up, reporting procedures, privacy settings, and the site’s safety and support policies.

Tabard IT, 18 May 2017.

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