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5 Reasons Why You Need IT Consultancy Services

25th April 2017 by in category IT Support Blog

Here at Tabard IT, we believe in many reasons why your business would benefit from having our professional However, it may prove somewhat tricky to persuade your boss or the management team as to reasons why your company should consider taking on an IT consultancy. Perhaps there is no time to hold meetings to discuss […]

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Windows Vista is Dead: Long Live Vista

14th April 2017 by in category IT Support Blog, Microsoft Windows

Microsoft ceases support for Windows Vista, its much-maligned operating system from 2007 If we decided to use motor car allegories for operating systems, Windows Vista wouldn’t be a Porsche 911 or a Ford Escort. It could be a Jensen Interceptor – stylish, though thirsty on the fuel and a fast mover. It could be an […]

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Taking Your Windows Desktop Back to 2001

29th March 2017 by in category IT Support Blog, Microsoft Windows

From a Windows 10 desktop to an XP style Windows Desktop in a few clicks Windows 10 is the world’s most downloaded version of Microsoft’s operating system. The figure is helped in no small part by its limited free download offer. It has the sleekest user interface to date with the latest features building on […]

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Windows 7 Set to Fade into the Sunset

19th January 2017 by in category IT Support Blog, Microsoft Windows

One last push to signal the death warrant of Windows 7 You can’t put a good operating system down. For nearly eight years, Windows 7 has been the operating system of choice for many users. It combines the aesthetic razzmatazz of Windows Vista and the stability of Windows XP. For many, the seventh version of […]

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Tabard IT Launches New Website

30th June 2016 by in category IT Support Blog

Introducing our brand new mobile friendly website Today, we at Tabard IT are proud to announce the arrival of our brand new website. Our new-look site improves on our previous one in a technical way. Aesthetically, it is worlds apart from the very first design we used in 2002.

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Common Email Problems

28th June 2016 by

POP3/IMAP Email Problems for PC If you use a program on your PC to download your email (called an email client), and your email service is provided by your internet provider (for example BT, Virgin, Talk-Talk etc) or if you use a 3rd party service (for example Hotmail or Gmail) with a mail client, then [...]

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Microsoft Gets Tough on Easy Passwords

26th May 2016 by in category IT Support Blog, Microsoft Windows

Microsoft set to kybosh hackable passwords When you check your emails or log in to a social networking site, remembering your password is half the battle. If your choice of password is “123456”, “password” or “starwars”, we at Tabard IT suggest you ought to change your memorable phrase to another one. Like now.

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Why Should You Ditch Windows 10?

19th April 2016 by in category IT Support Blog, Microsoft Windows

How ditching Windows 10 is being considered a viable option for older computers On one hand, Microsoft is rolling out Windows 10 on newer PCs, whereas, on the other hand, it is extending the longevity of Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 on older machines. Lately, users in the former category have had Windows 10 foisted […]

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Windows: No Longer Microsoft’s Biggest Earner?

23rd March 2016 by in category IT Support Blog, Microsoft Windows

Windows installations now the company’s fourth biggest earner Today, it is possible to use Microsoft Windows (or any of its main programs) on other formats. If, by means of running Windows itself on another machine, we have the wonders of virtualisation. On a Mac, through Bootcamp (though you still need to buy a copy of […]

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Common Macintosh Problems

9th March 2016 by in category IT Support Blog

Common Macintosh Problems Common Macintosh Problem (Sluggish Performance / Running Slow) This is common for Macintosh and computer users in general, this can be rectified by accessing the activity monitor via the Finder window. Once the activity monitor has been opened, you will see five tabs which are; CPU, Memory, Energy, Disk and Network. If [...]

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