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Windows 7 Set to Fade into the Sunset

19th January 2017 by in category IT Support Blog, Microsoft Windows

One last push to signal the death warrant of Windows 7 You can’t put a good operating system down. For nearly eight years, Windows 7 has been the operating system of choice for many users. It combines the aesthetic razzmatazz of Windows Vista and the stability of Windows XP. For many, the seventh version of […]

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Micro Mart Closes After 31 Years

4th January 2017 by in category IT Support Blog

Dennis Publishing’s long-running weekly magazine, Micro Mart, logs off for the last time Micro Mart, one of the final bastions of the 1980s computer scene, ceased publication at the close of last year. The weekly magazine, latterly published by Felix Dennis’ Dennis Publishing, started life as a computer equivalent of Exchange and Mart. In later […]

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Merry Christmas To All Our Customers Old and New

16th December 2016 by in category IT Support Blog

We at Tabard IT would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Christmas: who remembers waking up in the crack of dawn, hoping you got what you wanted from Santa Claus? Who could recall waking up one Christmas morning to find someone has bought you a +2 with the […]

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Facebook and Google Clamp Down on Fake News Feeds

15th November 2016 by in category IT Support Blog

Fake news sites to be snubbed from Google’s and Facebook’s advertising networks Fake news sites could be given the cold shoulder by the advertising networks of Google and Facebook. This is also a response to claims that Facebook’s news feed was a purveyor of fake news stories. Early this month, Google has removed false news […]

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Microsoft’s Surface Tension for Apple

31st October 2016 by in category IT Support Blog, Microsoft Windows

Could Microsoft’s Surface Studio wow creative users? Apple seems to have lost its creative mojo, since the loss of Steve Jobs. The specifications of their Mac Pro high-end Mac haven’t had an update since 2013. Compared with similar Windows-powered PCs, their iMac has lost ground. Apple’s Macs have also lost ports in favour of Bluetooth […]

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IT Services in Edinburgh? Try Us!

20th October 2016 by in category IT Support Blog

A PC problem or a Mac malady? Let Tabard take care of IT If you are in need of IT services in Edinburgh or surrounding area, look no further than Tabard IT Limited. We have been providing IT support services for over 20 years and specialise in a range of IT Support solutions. These include […]

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Sharp Rise in Windows 7 Market Share

4th October 2016 by in category IT Support Blog

Seven-year-old operating system boosts market share at the expense of Windows 10 With Microsoft shipping Windows 10 for free on all PCs with Windows 7 and 8.x operating systems, you would have thought Windows 10 would be the world’s leading OS. It is hailed by some as the most robust version of Windows, given how […]

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Rumours of a Surface PC Keyboard

29th September 2016 by in category IT Support Blog, Microsoft Windows

Could an ergonomic keyboard be the Surface PC’s must-have peripheral? The last five years haven’t be too kind to keyboards. Firstly, few mobile phones have tactile buttons (this week has seen the end of the ‘real’ Blackberry device). Secondly, the rise of digital tablets have normalised touch screen input over proper computer keyboards (fine for […]

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Why the PC’s PC Runs Windows XP

7th September 2016 by in category IT Support Blog, Microsoft Windows

27,000 Metropolitan Police computers still use Windows XP (or should that be Windows X-Ray Papa?) We at Tabard IT are au fait with the latest version of Windows which is the tenth edition. Following Microsoft’s special offer and the recent anniversary update, it is assumed that many Windows users will have switched from 7, 8 […]

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Six More Factors of Slow Computers

1st September 2016 by in category IT Support Blog

Half a dozen more ways to perk up slow computers at little expense On the 06 November 2014, we produced a blog post entitled My Computer is Slow: Six Factors of Slow Computers. We looked at the common causes of sluggish performance and added some useful tips. In the 2014 article, we looked at how […]

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