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Windows 10: Review & FAQ

10th September 2015 by in category IT Support Blog, Microsoft Windows

Windows 10 was probably the most anticipated release of the Windows operating system, the marketing tactics used by Microsoft to get people pumped for the release was very effective. However, after all the build-up was Windows 10 really what it was shown to be? That’s what we’re about to look into. How easy is it […]

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Reddit In Chaos: Key AMA Contributor Victoria Taylor fired

6th July 2015 by in category IT Support Blog

The popular social bookmarking site Reddit has seen hundreds of subreddits become private as a form of protest since popular Reddit employee and AMA contributor Victoria Taylor was fired. Victoria was in charge of the AMA (Ask me Anything) sub-reddit, which allowed celebrities to answer questions posted by their fans. Not only celebrities, but people that have […]

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My Computer is Slow: Six Factors of Slow Computers

6th November 2014 by in category IT Support Blog

My computer is slow, what should I do? Your computer is running slowly, not to fear. This post will enlighten you on a couple of aggravating factors that will make your computer run slower than usual. If you don’t have the time to run through these steps and want to have somebody else do it […]

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What to Do When Microsoft Ends Support for XP

2nd September 2014 by in category IT Support Blog

  It has been more than 10 years since Microsoft launched Windows XP and while there are people who still use this operating system, the company stopped offering support after April 8th 2014. This means that XP users will not longer get new security updates and patches. Without support, XP will become unreliable, insecure, and […]

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PC Problems Edinburgh

1st October 2013 by in category IT Support Blog tagged as , , ,

It is unfortunate that no matter how much you try, you will still struggle with technology at some point within your business. Most businesses in Edinburgh use some kind of technology; computers, laptops, networks, the internet and internal online communication such as an intranet. If these are set up correctly and looked after they will […]

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PC Consultancy Edinburgh

8th August 2013 by in category IT Support Blog tagged as ,

There are a lot of businesses that now rely on portable devices such as laptops and tablets, which enable them to use them on the move. These kinds of devices can be great but they have certain limitations when it comes to more advanced requirements and for these needs a PC is often still required. […]

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Professional IT Services Edinburgh wide by Tabard IT Ltd

8th August 2013 by in category IT Support Blog tagged as

As they are so widely available and more affordable than ever, people use computers for a range of reasons these days. Many people have one at home, with around 80% of households having access to the internet and people using them for communications such as email and social media, games, browsing and shopping. Where computers […]

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