Windows XP Guide

Windows XP is still used in 2016

Windows XP has been superseded by Windows 7 for new machines, but there are still many machines out there running XP.

We recommend most Windows XP users download and install Service Pack 3. This should be done automatically if you have a broadband connection, and Automatic Updates is turned on (do this from Start / Control Panel / Automatic Updates).

In some situations, installing Service Pack 3 and/or Internet Explorer 8 can cause problems (ie Internet Explorer stops working). You can usually use System Restore to get back from this situation – it’s worth checking that this is switched on before starting a large update or program/application install.

If you prefer a bit more control over what is updated on your computer, then leave Automatic Updates turned on but select the option to “Download updates for me, but let me choose when to install them”. This way, you can click on the yellow shield that will appear in your system tray in the bottom right of the screen (or go to, and instead of selecting Express Install, choose Custom Install, and see what’s being put on your computer.

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