A Look at Windows 10 S Operating System

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Is Windows 10 S a worthy response to Chrome OS?

Windows 10 S image by g0d4ather (via Shutterstock).

The Chrome OS response we’ve been waiting for? Windows 10 S could be a good move for Microsoft. Image by g0d4ather (via Shutterstock).

Last Tuesday, Microsoft launched its latest version of Windows 10. Known as Windows 10 S, the S possibly stands for Surface, in relation to its new range of laptops. In our previous blog post, we looked at the launch of Microsoft’s sleek Surface laptops. With the latest version of Windows 10 and their new laptops, the Redmond-based computing giant aims to steal a march on Google.

Where 10 S differs from the standard form of Windows 10 is its cloud based leanings, a la Google Chromebook territory. Whereas the full version of Windows 10 enables you to install non-Microsoft programs, 10 S wouldn’t offer you that luxury.

With cloud based computing the norm, does Windows 10 S have better security features?

Yes. The main reason is due to the operating system’s user account controls. Windows 10 S only allows you install programs from the Windows Store. To upgrade from 10 S to 10 Pro will cost you $49 (£37.87). This will give you the full access rights, enjoyed by Windows 10 Pro users.

Is it true that I can only use Bing?

Yes and no. You can always use Google or another non-Microsoft search engine in the normal fashion (by entering the address in your browser’s address bar and bookmarking the page). What it doesn’t let you do is change your default search engine from Bing to A.N. Other one of your choice.

I would like to download Google Chrome, Firefox or Opera onto my Windows 10 S PC. Is it possible?

No, though there may be 10 S support in the near future. This is because of the Windows Store settings which only permit installed apps and programs from this source.

Could Windows 10 S steal a march on Chrome OS?

Chrome OS has an established installed base, 58% of which represents the US educational market. With Chrome OS comes instant brand recognition, thanks to its association with Google (which is also why Android smartphones are a popular choice). The Microsoft name and its links with cloud based computing accounts, could see Microsoft Surface computers used in offices as a low cost option.

Tabard IT, 09 May 2017.

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