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Managed IT Services – how they can facilitate the success of your business.

What are managed IT services?

Your business might be dependent on the smooth functioning of computer technology, including soft and hardware.

managed it servicesIf you were a gardener, your efficiency and your capacity to work hard and thoroughly would depend on regularly servicing your lawnmower and sharpening your secateurs. If you were a builder, all of your power operated tools would need to be regularly checked, to ensure they could be safely used to professionally complete a project. Similarly, your computers, printers, and any other form of Information Technology found in your workplace, should be kept in excellent condition, up to date, and free of bugs. This is where we enter the picture.

Not the same as employing an IT expert

At Tabard IT, we offer managed IT services, which is not the same as permanently employing somebody on site, whose role is specifically to maintain all aspects of your Information Technology. We operate around the following principles:

  • Offering IT telephone support as and when it is required by your business. This works best for more remote areas.
  • We offer friendly local visits around most of Central Scotland.
  • Our monthly maintenance fees are affordable and ensure you obtain and fair and excellent deal, that allows your business to flourish.

How IT Management Services allow your business to succeed

We safeguard you against unexpected system failures, that have the potential to bring your business to a halt for days. If you are seeking an affordable solution to any of the following, look no further:

  • Supplying and installing computer hardware such as PCs and Macs.
  • Integrating connections for broadband, WiFi, printers, tablets and smartphones.
  • Recovering and backing up data, including General Data Protection Regulation Systems.
  • Updating and maintaining security related software.
  • Providing emergency repairs and identifying system error codes.
  • Installing tools for monitoring the operation of all of these systems, around the clock.

We can help manage your business infrastructure

The Information Technology based aspects of your business include all the tablets, smartphones, printers, laptops and desktop computers that are used for work purposes, or to store its data. This is your business’ infrastructure, the things that make it work. We can help you to ensure they are integrated, so that all the devices communicate with each other, and function as a cohesive system.

We offer all of the IT services described above, for a fixed monthly cost.

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