MS-DOS Inspires ’80s Style App Store Menus

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Now you can download apps onto your device, 1980s style

Where were you in 1987? Did you buy a set of shares from British Gas or BP and made a windfall? Were you listening to mixtapes on your walkperson aboard the bus to college? Did you spend part of your life in front of a Commodore 64 or ZX Spectrum? If you’re old enough to have done any of the above, an MS-DOS inspired skin for the App Store and Google Play sites may be up your street.

Now, courtesy of Androio, you can recapture the MS-DOS look on your state-of-the-art Windows 10 PC. Yes, back in the day when mobile phones were the size and weight of house bricks. Back when Windows was on its second version; and back when EGA was cutting edge with 16 colours. Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, it is possible to go to the Google Play Store or Apple App Store 1987 style. It looks, reassuringly, like the original version of MS Works.

Apple’s App Store – in MS-DOS style

App Store, MS-DOS style.

Dig that MS Works style pull-down menu! How we remember the good old days when all we had was 10 or 12 point Pica. None of yer Arial, Times New Roman or ComicSans MS.

Google Play store, MS-DOS style

Google Play marketplace, MS-DOS style.

A Faithful Pastiche: the MS-DOS influenced menus are so 1992, they hurt!

Where old meets new
Installing Bing, MS-DOS style.

Downloading Bing, 1987 style: Oh, that bright blue background… and a state-of-the-art search engine. Such a world away from the days of Encarta on CD-ROM.

About the Androio skin
The wonders of modern web design have made the Androio skin possible. It is created using an HTML5 Bootstrap framework. You can download the skin from its GitHub page and play along.

Tabard IT, 19 February 2016.

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