Rumours of a Surface PC Keyboard

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Could an ergonomic keyboard be the Surface PC’s must-have peripheral?

Surface PC Pro 3 by Lin Sinchen.

A Surface PC Pro 3: note the sky blue keyboard. Nice to look at, but try writing a novel on the thing? Image by Lin Sinchen (Creative Commons License – Some Rights Reserved).

The last five years haven’t be too kind to keyboards. Firstly, few mobile phones have tactile buttons (this week has seen the end of the ‘real’ Blackberry device). Secondly, the rise of digital tablets have normalised touch screen input over proper computer keyboards (fine for browsing, though terrible for writing a novel or a screenplay). Microsoft, it seems, has other ideas with talk of a new ergonomic keyboard for its Surface PCs.

It is claimed in both the German Windows users’ site, WinFuture, and Future Publishing’s TechRadar, that the peripheral would be Bluetooth based. Instead of the straight and angular look typical of PC keyboards, the Surface PC’s anticipated addition could be angled towards a more natural position. On the WinFuture website, pictures of Microsoft’s Sculp series of peripherals are seen as a likely precedent.

Keep taking the Surface PC tablets

The latest Surface PC aims to add the convenience of a certain fruit-themed or robot-themed digital tablet, and combine that with the perks of a grown-up PC. In other words, the use of full-travel keyboards and mouses. The use of Windows 10, consistent with Microsoft’s latest mobile products.

Rumour has it that the Bluetooth keyboard will be part of Microsoft’s eagerly awaited All In One PC. The recent past of all-in-one personal computers has been a mixed one; where Apple’s iMac has succeeded, others like ASUS’ EEE Top have failed. Power and performance has previously been sacrificed in favour of aesthetics.

Microsoft’s all-in-one PCs aim to avoid the above mistakes. Like the iMac (which hasn’t had a radical upgrade in specifications for some time), large flat screens are the order of the day: 21”, 24”, and 27” will be the proposed screen sizes.

640px Sinclair ZX81 by Evan Amos.

We hope the keyboard’s nothing like this beauty! A Sinclair ZX81 microcomputer. Did you know the assembled versions were built at the Timex plant in Dundee? Image by Evan Amos (Creative Commons License – Attribution-Share Alike).

Tabard IT, 29 September 2016.

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