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Official: Android Surpasses Windows

4th April 2017 by in category IT Support Blog, Microsoft Windows tagged as , , , , , , , ,

Google’s Android operating system eclipses Windows for internet users Almost a month ago, we asked if Google’s operating system could overtake Microsoft Windows. We at Tabard IT are able to answer this question for you. According to StatCounter and an article on The Register website, Android became the most popular operating system for internet browsing. […]

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Beware of the Gmail Phishing Scam

17th March 2017 by in category IT Support Blog tagged as , , , ,

How a subtle phishing scam could hoodwink the most diligent of recipients Hands up who has a Gmail account? With Google’s Gmail service being one of the world’s most popular email clients, it inevitably becomes a magnet for phishers. Many people access their Gmail accounts on their smartphones and tablets as well as desktop and […]

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Could Android OS Beat Windows?

15th March 2017 by in category IT Support Blog, Microsoft Windows tagged as , , , , , , ,

Latest figures show Android OS, Google’s operating system, breathing down the neck of Microsoft’s Windows 10 Five years ago, if we had said that Android OS would become the world’s most popular operating system, you have thought we were pulling your leg. You would have thought at the time there’s more chance of Edinburgh City […]

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Get Your Kicks on Chrome 56

27th January 2017 by in category IT Support Blog tagged as , , , , ,

Google Chrome 56 released with new security features and bug fixes This month, Google Chrome 56 was released with a host of new features that will please anyone who has experienced slow browsing speeds on previous versions. For users with Windows, macOS and Linux operating systems it will strike a blow to Adobe Flash and, […]

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Facebook and Google Clamp Down on Fake News Feeds

15th November 2016 by in category IT Support Blog tagged as , , , , , , ,

Fake news sites to be snubbed from Google’s and Facebook’s advertising networks Fake news sites could be given the cold shoulder by the advertising networks of Google and Facebook. This is also a response to claims that Facebook’s news feed was a purveyor of fake news stories. Early this month, Google has removed false news […]

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