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Sharp Rise in Windows 7 Market Share

4th October 2016 by in category IT Support Blog tagged as , , , , , , , ,

Seven-year-old operating system boosts market share at the expense of Windows 10 With Microsoft shipping Windows 10 for free on all PCs with Windows 7 and 8.x operating systems, you would have thought Windows 10 would be the world’s leading OS. It is hailed by some as the most robust version of Windows, given how […]

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Spear Phishing and IE’s Bonfire of Vulnerabilities

13th May 2016 by in category IT Support Blog, Microsoft Windows tagged as , , , , , , ,

Anti spear phishing patches released for major IE security hole and 50 more vulnerabilities This week, users of Microsoft Windows (from version 7 upwards), have been affected by a major security risk. It uses a technique known as Spear Phishing, which abstracts personal details from your social media accounts, forum posts, and bog-standard websites. After […]

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Chrome Topples IE as World’s Favourite Browser

3rd May 2016 by in category IT Support Blog, Microsoft Windows tagged as , , , , , , , , ,

Internet Explorer a close second place to Google’s rival Back in 2008, we thought Google Chrome would have been ‘just another browser’ alongside Firefox and Internet Explorer. How wrong we were; the timing was bang on, given that Microsoft had an annus horribilis with Vista, and IE6 being the butt of jokes. This prompted our […]

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