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Microsoft to retire Windows Live Mail in favour of Outlook.com service

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If you have a Windows Live Mail account, please read on. We at Tabard IT have some important news for you.

Microsoft is retiring its Windows Live Mail service for good. From the 30 June 2016, anybody wishing to use their existing email addresses will have two options. One is to use Microsoft’s Mail app on Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. Another, and most effective way, if you have a PC with a non-Windows operating system (i.e any Linux distro or version of Mac OS X), is by signing in through Outlook.com. If you have Windows 7, now is a good time to take advantage of Microsoft’s Windows 10 offer (available free till the 29 July 2016).

The changes to Windows Live Mail affects users with the following email addresses:

  • Outlook.com;
  • Hotmail.com;
  • Live.com;
  • MSN.com.

How do I make the change?

Thankfully, Microsoft has made the going as seamless as possible. All you need to do – if you have the Mail app is:

  1. On Windows 8.1 or 10, launch your Mail app.
  2. Once in Mail, go to Get Started > Add Account.
  3. Enter the email address you used in Windows Live Mail (i.e. “your.name”@outlook.com, or “your name”@msn.com).
  4. Then, click on the cog icon and go to Manage Accounts > Change mailbox sync settings. Choose whether you wish to synchronise any emails from the last week or the last decade.
  5. If you have any events on your calendar from your Windows Live Mail account, the Outlook server will gracefully synchronise them onto your copy of Mail.

What’s more, there is no need to mess with the settings manually as all your messages, contacts, and calendar details are stored on a cloud drive. Please note that calendar contacts can only be shared with other Windows-based machines (therefore, no Mac compatibility; Apple’s calendar app has different settings again).

For further information, the Microsoft Office Knowledge Base offers a more detailed approach to the forthcoming changes. If you’ve come unstuck, why not give us a bell on 0131 339 9448, or send us an email to help@tabardit.co.uk. We shall be delighted to help you.

Tabard IT, 09 May 2016.

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