‘Unifying force’ lambasted by Which Magazine readers

A Windows 10 fail moment which has ired Which Magazine readers.

Not Again: Elaine, Duncan, and Heather are experiencing another morning of lost files, WiFi connections, and reams of gobbledegook being spat out from their printer. Perhaps they might agree with Which Magazine’s findings. Image by Zoff (via Shutterstock).

Members of The Consumers’ Association, the publishers of Which Magazine, have delivered a broadside against Windows 10, Microsoft’s latest member of the Windows family. The operating system, described as a ‘unifying force across many different types of devices’, has become a ‘unifying force’ for all the wrong reasons. There have been reports of:

  • Broken WiFi connections;
  • Poor email synchronisation;
  • Little or no compatibility with peripherals;
  • Silent speakers;
  • Missing files.

The litany of disasters reported by Which Magazine’s 5,500 subscribers has led to some of them paying for PC repairs. 2,500 of them have reverted to a previous version of Windows.

Quoting from Which?: “Once installed, people reported various problems, including printers, wi-fi cards and speakers no longer working with their PC; instances of lost files and email accounts no longer syncing; and, most significantly, their computer encountering such problems that they had to pay someone to repair it.”

In spite of Which Magazine’s findings, Microsoft has defended its latest addition to the Windows family. A spokesperson for the company said: “The Windows 10 upgrade is a choice designed to help people take advantage of the most secure and most productive Windows.”

Stuart Miles, founder of the Pocket-Lint gadget site was more sanguine about the findings in Which Magazine. He said: “With a rollout of this size, it is always likely there will be issues and problems experienced by some users.

“On the whole, Windows 10 has been received well, and was a notable step up from the previous Windows 8, which did not go down well with many users.”

What Do You Think?

Do you agree with Which Magazine’s findings? Is your experience with Windows 10 consistent with their observations, or is yours a more joyous one? Feel free to comment on our blog.

Tabard IT, 23 September 2016.

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