Windows 10: Counting down until July 29th!

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Are you excited for the Windows 10 release? We sure are!

30th September 2014, Microsoft announced at a tech event in San Francisco that they would be releasing Windows 10, an operating system we hope will be 10 times better than its predecessors.

Let’s take a trip down memory lane shall we?

Windows 95 (24 August 1995)

The first Microsoft OS to have a User Interface, the start menu was born from this OS and came to become a standard across every version of Windows besides Windows 8/8.1 not really much else to cover.

Windows 98 (25 June 1998)

The next step up from Windows 95, complete with bug fixes and UI improvements. Not quite Windows 7 UI, but it’s 1998 remember. Besides the basic OS functionality, there wasn’t really much to Windows 98, some users thought it was worse.

Windows XP & Professional (25 October 2001 to 25 April 2005)

One of the best operating systems that Microsoft has released for personal machines, fast and efficient. The UI was user friendly and easy to navigate. Any Microsoft fanboy can appreciate this OS. Microsoft stopped supporting this OS because it was outdated, don’t blame them.

R.I.P Windows XP

Windows V-vista (30 January 2007)

Pretty user interface, but at the cost of performance. Security risks, and generally a horrible OS. I would not wish this Operating System upon my worst enemy. To save time, please direct your attention towards this picture which accurately sums up Windows Vista.

Windows 7 (22 October 2009)

I class this as an unofficial apology for Windows Vista, and may I just say, apology accepted. Microsoft won the hearts of customers who switched to another OS after Vista with Windows 7. This OS was designed with the user in mind, and not fancy GUI. (Not to say the UI doesn’t look pretty, because it does) Some people have the argument that it’s just a recycled version of Vista, which is true. But recycling helps the planet, so checkmate.

Windows 8 *sigh* (26 October 2012)

Windows 8

Easily rated the worst operating system of 2012, whatever Microsoft were thinking. It was bad. Windows 8 is an Operating System primarily designed for Tablets, but obviously it’s in human nature to install new things. Especially a new OS from Microsoft. But it changed too much, everything was new and nothing looked familiar, they removed the start button too. Which has been a standard across every Windows version since 95.

They tried to fix their mistake with Windows 8.1, but the damage was already done. Which brings us to… *drum-roll*

Windows 10 (29th July 2015) 8 days until release!

Windows 10, the final destination for this post. If you wanted to see an insider preview of the OS for yourself, too late. Microsoft have deactivated the keys as the release date approaches.

Windows 7 was one of the better releases, and Windows 8 was the bad one. Which means Windows 10 SHOULD be another good release. Looking at insider previews and screenshots leaked from users, we can confirm that Windows 10 looks amazing. Built in Cortana who will help you with anything you need, also knows a bit about Halo and has some witty responses, a new browser called Microsoft Edge (Formerly Project Spartan) the start button is back, but still somehow fits nicely with the Metro UI Microsoft can’t seem to leave alone.

Everything looks slick, smooth and modern. Not to mention ease of access, with the new additions to the start menu. Keep in mind the following screenshot is only a technical preview, and everything is subject to change.

It’s… beautiful…

windows desktop

So, we eagerly await that magical email to let us know we can schedule the update for Windows 10!

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