Windows Red? Windows 10 The Chinese Way

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New secure build of Windows 10, dubbed Windows Red, could be designed with additional security features

Windows Red screen

The shape of things to come? Windows 10, Chinese style. Note the slightly distorted yellow stars and the red of the Chinese flag.

This month, we haven’t only learned about the popularity of Windows 10. Over the last week, we have learned about the arrival of a Chinese version of Windows 10. Dubbed Windows Red, it will have extra security features, compared with the version we know and love.

In China, there is a protectionist approach to computing. It is one that favours the use of Chinese software coded in the People’s Republic of China. Thanks to strict cyber security laws, all software has to be vetted by the Chinese government. If you wanted to do business with China and develop an app for one of the world’s most populated countries, they have to go through your source code. This has attracted the ire of Microsoft, IBM, and Intel, who have refused to submit their source code to Beijing.

Windows Red, as it is being dubbed, will be coded in cooperation with Microsoft and China Electronics Technology Group Corp. The latter partner is a state-owned software company. Which, in the UK, could have been equal to Sinclair Research being a subsidy of the Department for Trade and Industry (this in reality never happened).

The bog-standard version of Windows 10 failed security tests by the Chinese government, thanks to NSA related leaks. Alongside Windows 10 for its consumer market, the Windows Red (or Red Flag Windows, quoted from the Ars Technica website) operating system will be developed for public sector systems.

For similar reasons to Microsoft’s OS, there is a version of Ubuntu known as Kylin. The Chinese version of the Linux distro has similar security based bells and whistles to the forthcoming Windows Red. To use a well known proverb from the same country, we are living in interesting times.

Tabard IT, 23 March 2017.

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