COVID update

Please see our latest information regarding the Covid 19 Coronavirus situation and how Tabard IT are responding to our services and operations.

COVID update:
In line with current guidelines on preventing the spread of Coronavirus, Tabard IT is open for business, and will be doing work remotely as per normal, travelling to client sites as necessary. For site visits we will need appropriate distancing measures in place; we wear face masks, and use hand sanitiser before and after our appointments, and would expect our clients to do the same. We also have cleaning wipes for PCs, screens etc.

If you need remote access for you or your staff, or if you’re looking for conferencing (Teams, Zoom, Skype) features, please contact us and we can get you set up. Please note – those users with Office 365 (now Microsoft 365) subscriptions through Tabard IT, you already have Microsoft Teams included – let us know if you want more information on how to access and use it.

There are numerous spoof emails/texts doing the rounds claiming to be for contact tracing, NHS donations, fines for being outside etc. Please be extra vigilant when receiving messages with attachments, links or requests for money. Also be wary of any payee whose bank details appear to have changed – contact them directly before making any payments.

If you’re not sure whether your account has been hacked, you should change the password for it as soon as you can. If you need help managing passwords, for example to make sure each account/site you use has a different one, and making sure your passwords are complex enough to deter malicious users, please contact us – we can help set you up with password management software, which is free for personal users, or at a reasonable cost for businesses where you can share passwords between users/groups.

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