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Tabard IT offers trusted managed IT services which Business Users can rely on in the Edinburgh area. We are leading IT consultants specialising in cloud and business network support services in Edinburgh, Glasgow and the surrounding areas. With over 30 years of experience within the IT industry, we have the expertise to assist you and your business team when it comes to managing your cloud services, business network, IT hardware, software and security.

We make site visits, so you don’t have to come to us. Our friendly service keeps jargon to a minimum where required, and we provide support for all versions of Windows and Macs. Tabard IT can help with maintenance agreements for businesses, which provide on-site, remote and telephone support for hardware and software, PCs/Macs and networks for a fixed monthly cost.

We supply and set up PCs, Macs, tablets, broadband connections, wireless networks, and printers, and ensure your information is backed up.

Managed IT Support Services

You can’t be in business without a reliance on computer systems. In the past, the fear of spending money on IT has put a lot of small companies in a mindset where they will only engage an IT company when something breaks. That way, it appears that you only spend money you absolutely need to.

It is interesting for IT professionals to see, for example, a trucking company understand the value of regular maintenance and servicing of its fleet, but essentially ignore IT systems by waiting until an “engine seizes up because it has run out of oil”. Many IT problems can be prevented, and the cost of those disasters are avoidable.

Overwhelming but too important to ignore

It is only reasonable for small businesses to focus on their core service delivery. They do what they are good at, and what they understand. They will engage accountants, lawyers and other professionals throughout the operation of their company in a pro-active and regular fashion, but ignore IT until a problem can no longer be ignored. By then, it is a major disruption and cost to your company.

Multi-platform Expertise (phones, tablets, computers, cloud)

You may be lucky enough to have someone on staff that is capable of doing the most basic things, but IT infrastructure has moved on from “a few PCs”. Business needs to integrate smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices. Data needs to be secure, on multiple devices, in the cloud, and be instantly accessible from almost anywhere. That’s a big call for someone who is employed to do another job. Our managed IT services model covers all technologies, and you can let your local expert get on with the job they were actually employed for.

IT Security Services

Preventing Ransomware, Malware, Viruses and Hacking

The most important way to fight back against the constant IT security threat is fairly mundane: keep all your software up to date. No matter how diligent you are with the software you understand, it takes only one phone, computer, server or system that falls behind for your company to be compromised.

Many companies have zero problems on this front, but that doesn’t come from using the old method of hoping for the best and then “getting someone in” once it is your turn to deal with the IT nightmare.

You can’t know the true cost of your next IT disaster. But there is a potential for complete data loss, or being unable to operate essential systems for days. Those events can have severe financial consequences. Managed IT services are part of your risk management strategy where you eliminate preventable IT related service problems rather than blindly waiting for the next one to strike.

Tabard IT Limited Managed IT Services

Managed IT servicesAlthough Tabard IT uses remote support and monitoring technology to be able to deliver cost-effective service, you need to consider the considerable benefits that come from dealing with a local IT company.

Apart from being able to sit at a table and have a meeting when you want to, you don’t have to chase some faceless, heavily-accented person in Asia called “John”, to whom you are just another job on a call-centre screen. Sometimes you do need someone to come in and physically inspect, install, configure or fix something. “John” will tie you up on the phone or a chat box for hours telling you to do his job for him.

In simple terms, you want a full-time IT company that partners with you and delivers managed IT services that are perfect, cost-effective and easy. You want to get on with running your business and doing what you are good at. Then let Tabard IT do what we are good at: we keep the IT wolves from your door, and if disaster strikes, we know you, we care, and we are right there.

Put those stressful IT emergencies in the past. Clients in the Edinburgh, Glasgow, and surrounding areas, should contact us to arrange a no-obligation meeting. We will show you how Tabard IT can make your IT infrastructure work well.

Our professional computer services ensure there is no need to look elsewhere, we have all your IT needs covered. Call us on 0131 339 9448 or contact us by email and we will do our best to make your life with IT easier.

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