Print Failure Guide

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Have you ever tried to print some documents on the company printer only to spend a whole lot of time and energy trying to make it work, or there’s a paper jammed inside it? Everyone occasionally faces such setbacks, and knowing what to do and when to do it will save you the headache.

If you have had trouble printing, perform the following steps to reset your printer.

1: Turn the printer off.

2: Clear the Print Queue.
Click Start, then click Printers and faxes.
Double click the icon of the printer that is causing problems.
Click on Printer in the menu at the top of the window.
Click on Cancel All Documents.
Click OK.

If any items are left in the queue, turn off your machine, turn on the printer, and reboot the machine again.

Below is a brief checklist of what you can do if you stumble upon such a mess.

1. Check the power

Before you try doing anything else, if your printer fails to print, you need to confirm if the printer is switched on. In many cases, you might have forgotten to switch it on.

2. Check the paper

Ensure that you have papers in the tray before you begin printing. In many instances, you will see a notification on your laptop or the printer’s LCD panel notifying you of the empty tray, and a quick replacement will sort you out.

3. Confirm the connection

There is usually a plug or USB cable or wireless connection between the printer and your computer for you to print. Ensure that you have correctly connected them depending on the model you are using.

4. Properly select the documents and printer of choice

If you have multiple printers connected to your computer, you need to correctly select your chosen printer and make sure they are paired. If you select a printer that is at that moment turned off, you will have a difficult time trying to print in vain.

Every printer is different from the next, even if they are of the same brand and the best way to get to a quick solution is to identify your brand and its issues. It would help if you always remembered that many printer problems could be similar, such as paper jams, and how you approach the issue will differ because the solution might depend on the printer in question. When you are faced with typical printer issues, be sure to try out the above tips before you start panicking that your printer is dead. If they fail, then you have printer problems and you ought to call your technician to fix it.