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Benefits of Managed IT Services

20th April 2018 by in category IT Support Blog tagged as , , , , , , ,

Information technology has become part and parcel of business activities. In fact, the IT services steer business activities to success. However, for any business that needs to enjoy a higher range of the IT services, the best direction it can take is to hire an IT services company for the managed IT services. There are […]

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Apple’s Long Awaited iMac Pro is Go

8th June 2017 by in category IT Support Blog tagged as , , , ,

Apple’s iMac Pro offers new addition to the iMac family It has been quite a while since Apple last released an iMac PC. Well, October 2015 to be precise. Of late, many people have associated the company with its iPhones and iPads, to a point where desktop PCs have been forgotten. Well, think again. This […]

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Microsoft’s Bing Bung Loyalty Scheme

6th June 2017 by in category IT Support Blog tagged as , , , , , ,

Why Microsoft has launched a loyalty scheme to get more people using Bing instead of Google or Yahoo In the last century, there has been many ways of rewarding the customer’s loyalty. From the Co-op’s Divi scheme to Green Shield stamps, and clubcard schemes, electronic points have become the norm. Not only on the Tesco […]

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In Video: Drone Footage of Apple Park

26th May 2017 by in category IT Support Blog tagged as , , , ,

A unique look at Apple Park, the new Apple HQ in Cupertino Apple’s swish new headquarters, Apple Park, will be fully opened at the end of this year. Designed by Lord Norman Foster, it has been dubbed The Spaceship due to its flying saucer shape. Once completed, there will be space for more than 12,000 […]

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Should Internet Security Be as Vital as Road Safety?

18th May 2017 by in category IT Support Blog tagged as , , , ,

NSPCC and O2 Share Aware campaign aims to raise awareness of internet security among young children Internet security has never been out of the news agenda for the last two decades. Over the last week, the NHS England’s security alert has dominated the headlines. Especially with the revelation that Windows XP was still used by […]

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A Look at Windows 10 S Operating System

9th May 2017 by in category IT Support Blog, Microsoft Windows tagged as , , , ,

Is Windows 10 S a worthy response to Chrome OS? Last Tuesday, Microsoft launched its latest version of Windows 10. Known as Windows 10 S, the S possibly stands for Surface, in relation to its new range of laptops. In our previous blog post, we looked at the launch of Microsoft’s sleek Surface laptops. With […]

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Microsoft’s $999 Surface Laptop

3rd May 2017 by in category IT Support Blog, Microsoft Windows tagged as , , , ,

New version of surface laptop is Redmond company’s offensive against Google’s Chromebooks First came the Surface Pro PC, then came the Surface Book. Both the Surface Pro and Surface Book PCs were aimed at wrestling Apple’s market share for high end computing systems. This time, Microsoft have turned their guns towards Google with the Surface […]

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In Video: The ZX Spectrum at 35

27th April 2017 by in category IT Support Blog

Tabard IT celebrates the 35th birthday of Sir Clive Sinclair’s ZX Spectrum Without Sir Clive Sinclair and the ZX Spectrum, the story of British computing history would have been a less colourful one. The low price point of his groundbreaking computer (and the ZX80 and ZX81 before then) made home computing more affordable. So much […]

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5 Reasons Why You Need IT Consultancy Services

25th April 2017 by in category IT Support Blog tagged as , , , , ,

Here at Tabard IT, we believe in many reasons why your business would benefit from having our professional IT consultancy services in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Central parts of Scotland. From saving costs, time and resources, whilst staying ahead of the competition, we can make your IT business much more manageable and efficient. We can help […]

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