How to open a Shared Mailbox from a browser window

This video shows how to open a Microsoft 365 Shared Mailbox you have access to from a browser window. This can be handy if you are on a machine other than your own, or if you only have a Basic licence, which doesn’t include access to the desktop apps. Note: you will need a valid… Read More

How to add Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) to Microsoft 365

This video shows how to add multi-factor authentication (MFA) to a Microsoft 365 account. The video shows authentication being prompted automatically, but if you aren’t prompted, continue following the video to get to the My Account page from, and you can add Authentication as an option from there. Note: you will need a valid… Read More

How to add and remove a Shared Mailbox on the Mac

This video shows Mac users how to add (and remove) a Shared Mailbox – a mailbox that the user has been given access to. Note: you will need a valid Microsoft 365 licence, as well as the name of a Shared Mailbox resource that you have access to. Contact Tabard IT to check whether you… Read More

How to set up Outlook for the primary user (Mac)

This video shows Mac users how to start Outlook for the first time, and set up their email account. You will need Office installed on your Mac, and a licensed mailbox to set up. If you’re not sure, please contact us to help you check.

How to install Microsoft 365 Office suite (Mac)

This short video shows Mac users how to install Microsoft 365 Office suite of apps, including Outlook, Word and Excel. You will need to log in to – see our other how-to video on how to do this – and also a 365 licence which includes the Office suite, such as Standard or Premium… Read More

How to set up Windows 10 Pro with TeamViewer Host out of the box

This ~3 minute video shows you how to start Windows 10 Pro from new, get to the desktop and set up TeamViewer Host – in case you have a new machine and need remote support from us. Note: please don’t install TeamViewer Host and share the details with anyone unless you trust them!

Restart your PC!

If you tend to leave your Windows or Mac computer on all the time, or allow it to go to sleep and just keep waking it up, don’t forget to restart it from time to time. PCs which are always on or which regularly go to sleep don’t get a chance to complete maintenance updates,… Read More

How to Get Ready for the Windows 11 Upgrade

Windows 11 is the latest Operating System from Microsoft and is being rolled out to users now. You might be wondering when the Windows 11 upgrade will start to roll out for you. We all know that Microsoft wants to make sure they can provide a seamless experience for everyone. If you are still waiting… Read More