Move your files to the cloud – you may already have storage available

Considering moving your files to the cloud but don’t know how? Already using Microsoft 365 products? It’s possible you already have cloud storage available, and all you need to do is get your files over there.

You can use the OneDrive app to sync the files, so you can edit them from your PC or Mac in just the same way as you currently do. The difference is, if your PC or Mac goes up in a puff of smoke, your files, folders, email, calendars and contacts will still be there, and you can just access them from another computer.

If you use one of the Microsoft 365 Business (Basic, Standard or Premium), you already have 1TB of shared storage available, and another 1TB of data for your desktop, documents and pictures, so when you move from one computer to another, all your stuff is there too.

Call us if you need any help getting this set up.