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Antivirus Guide

antivirusIf you don’t have any antivirus (AV) software installed, it would be a good idea to get it now. Some excellent and free (for personal use) AV software for Windows is available from AVG Free If your use is commercial (including charities), or if you’d prefer the paid-for version which includes full technical support, we can supply this as AVG resellers at the standard AVG rates.

Otherwise you can go to the AVG website for full details and addition versions of AVG, or an alternative would be Kaspersky. For networks and corporate environments, contact us for more information.

If you already have AV software installed on your system, you should ensure that it is kept up to date; sometimes the automatic updater is not enough, and you must force updates. For example, with Symantec products (e.g. Norton Anti-Virus or Norton Internet Security), automatic Live Update sometimes doesn’t update all the components, just the virus definitions. You need to manually run Live Update at least once a month. If you use Windows XP, get information on the latest Windows downloads.

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