Microsoft Windows

How to add Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) to Microsoft 365

This video shows how to add multi-factor authentication (MFA) to a Microsoft 365 account. The video shows authentication being prompted automatically, but if you aren’t prompted, continue following the video to get to the My Account page from, and you can add Authentication as an option from there. Note: you will need a valid… Read More

How to set up Windows 10 Pro with TeamViewer Host out of the box

This ~3 minute video shows you how to start Windows 10 Pro from new, get to the desktop and set up TeamViewer Host – in case you have a new machine and need remote support from us. Note: please don’t install TeamViewer Host and share the details with anyone unless you trust them!

Cortana and its New Diary Functions

Let Cortana say goodbye to missed appointments and unread emails “Call Donna at 6 pm…” “Meet Eric outside North British Hotel…” “Don’t forget milk…” A busy schedule could see us forget the little things, whether we are 23 or 83 years of age.  It could be anything from remembering the tram times to knowing which… Read More

Windows 10: Review & FAQ

Windows 10 was probably the most anticipated release of the Windows operating system, the marketing tactics used by Microsoft to get people pumped for the release was very effective. However, after all the build-up was Windows 10 really what it was shown to be? That’s what we’re about to look into.