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windows 10 review

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Windows 10 was probably the most anticipated release of the Windows operating system, the marketing tactics used by Microsoft to get people pumped for the release was very effective. However, after all the build-up was Windows 10 really what it was shown to be?

That’s what we’re about to look into.

How easy is it to use & setup?

A lot of effort went into the smooth transition to Windows 10, no need for nasty CD installations. Every part of Windows 10 is deployed through one of Microsoft’s tools, which will pretty much do everything for you with minimal effort. Click on the executable, follow the instructions, then sit back and relax.

Windows 10 is essentially Windows 8 and Windows 7 together in one nice package, with features from both that have been improved slightly. If you’re familiar with Windows 7, Windows 10 will not be an issue in terms of learning how to use it. (Though the newer features may take some getting used to)

I heard it’s pretty much a bad Windows 8 cover-up

Though I hate to admit it, yes. They have salvaged a lot of code from Windows 8 which doesn’t really make it the unique OS I’ve been waiting for, however, it’s still early days and I’m sure they’ll iron that out as time goes on with their new feedback centre.

And what of the start menu?

The good news is,the start menu is back where it’s supposed to be, and there’s no trace of Windows 8 left on the start menu… If only that were true, they added the Windows 8 Metro UI tiles to the start menu, but in a neater fashion and it doesn’t force you to use them. You can also unpin them and re-size your start menu, they’ve really thought of the user when creating the new Start Menu

My computer

For some reason, Microsoft decided to change the My Computer shortcut to This PC. Which, for people upgrading from Windows 7 can be confusing. Do not fret! We have you covered, if you want the ‘This PC’ button in a similar location to Windows 7 then you can simply pin it to your start menu and re-size the tile!

All you need to do is:

  1. Search for This PC in the search bar
  2. Right-click it, and choose Pin to start
  3. Go to your start menu, right click the tile and put it where you want it.

How secure is Windows 10?

So… recently there’s been a lot of talk of Microsoft implementing a keylogger into Windows 10, to track everything you type and say out loud and send it to Microsoft in order to improve accuracy. Though obviously this makes people uncomfortable so there’s a way to turn it off:

Go to the Start Menu, then Settings.

You should see Privacy on the third row.

Once you are in the Privacy menu, tap on General, then under Send Microsoft info about how I write to help use improve typing and writing in the future – all you have to do is set it to Off and Microsoft will no longer be able to track your keystrokes.

Then, under the Speech, Inking and Typing menu, which is located four rows beneath General – click Stop getting to know me.

This will turn off the speech tracking through dictation and Cortana, so Microsoft can’t hear you watching questionable things on the internet.

Other than that slight flaw, Windows 10 is as secure as every other Windows OS if not better.

  • 4/5 for the User Interface, it’s smooth and easy to navigate.
  • 2/5 for functionality, evidently there are still many more bugs to iron out of this OS.
  • In terms of expectation vs reality, and after all the marketing they did for Windows 10, they really hyped it up to be more than it actually was.
  • Overall I give Windows 10 a 3/5

Are you having issues with Windows 10?

Why not give us a call? We’ll be more than happy to aid you with Windows 10, or any other operating system. Call us   today or drop us an email with your problem!



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