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The regular maintenance of vehicles, machinery, equipment and power supplies enables a business to operate with maximum efficiency and reliability. In a similar fashion, managed IT services for all computer technology including hardware and software ensures these systems are functioning correctly.

managed IT services Managed IT maintenance is the prime safeguard in preventing unexpected system failure that can in many instances bring a business to a complete halt for many days.

IT Service Management

Experienced computer technicians offer a wide range of IT services from the installation of complete, new systems to the updating of existing networks and carrying out regular maintenance checks. IT services typically include:

  • Supply and installation of computer hardware such as PCs and Macs
  • Integrated connections for broadband, WiFi, printers, tablets and smartphones
  • Modernisation of existing technology
  • Data back up and recovery including General Data Protection Regulation systems
  • Cloud and Avast Managed Workplace expertise
  • Security software maintenance and updates
  • Routine servicing of computer hardware and software
  • Tools for monitoring systems around the clock
  • Emergency repairs and identification of system errors

The Benefits of Managed IT Services

Computer technology is continually developing. Security systems in particular need regular updates to counteract the ever-increasing threat of sophisticated hacking techniques. Through regular maintenance inspections IT specialists can easily identify weak links in existing security systems. Suggested updates including the latest software in anti-phishing and ransomware can be installed to bring state of the art reassurance and efficiency to any business providing effective protection for data and finances.

Choosing the Best IT Service Provider

Professional IT maintenance offers reliable services and support for clients at affordable rates. The best IT specialists provide a combination of on-site and remote solutions ensuring IT problems are solved with a minimum of disruption. All types of businesses in Central Scotland including Glasgow and Edinburgh have benefited from the professional services of Tabard IT. With more than thirty years of experience in providing a range of managed IT services the authorised and licensed technicians from Tabard IT also offer:

  • Affordable monthly maintenance fees
  • Advanced expertise
  • On site visits
  • Remote solutions
  • Telephone support
  • Friendly local service

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