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Taking Your Windows Desktop Back to 2001

29th March 2017 by in category IT Support Blog, Microsoft Windows

From a Windows 10 desktop to an XP style Windows Desktop in a few clicks Windows 10 is the world’s most downloaded version of Microsoft’s operating system. The figure is helped in no small part by its limited free download offer. It has the sleekest user interface to date with the latest features building on […]

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Beware of the Gmail Phishing Scam

17th March 2017 by in category IT Support Blog

How a subtle phishing scam could hoodwink the most diligent of recipients Hands up who has a Gmail account? With Google’s Gmail service being one of the world’s most popular email clients, it inevitably becomes a magnet for phishers. Many people access their Gmail accounts on their smartphones and tablets as well as desktop and […]

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Could Android OS Beat Windows?

15th March 2017 by in category IT Support Blog, Microsoft Windows

Latest figures show Android OS, Google’s operating system, breathing down the neck of Microsoft’s Windows 10 Five years ago, if we had said that Android OS would become the world’s most popular operating system, you have thought we were pulling your leg. You would have thought at the time there’s more chance of Edinburgh City […]

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Windows 10 to Offer Update ‘Snoozes’

6th March 2017 by in category IT Support Blog, Microsoft Windows

Update times could be deferred by Windows 10 users In the next round of Windows 10 updates, its users will be able to defer their software updates to a time which is more convenient for them. At present, Mac users have had this joy for over a decade. With the timing of Microsoft Windows updates […]

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Brexit Blitz on Microsoft Surface PC Prices

17th February 2017 by in category IT Support Blog, Microsoft Windows

Drop in Sterling exchange rates behind Surface PC price hikes The Pound’s drop in exchange rates against the US Dollar is behind Microsoft’s price hikes on its Surface laptops. Their state-of-the-art laptops, using solid state drives as standard have risen in price by 15%. Over the space of a week, their Surface Book laptop has […]

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Apple to Extend ARM Alliance in Future Macbooks

4th February 2017 by in category IT Support Blog

Battery life of Macbooks a deciding factor in Apple’s ARM decision “Take back control” has been a trope or cliche over the last year, given recent events of a non-computer nature. This week, we have learned that Apple are after “taking back control” of its hardware and software. This time with the continued alliance of […]

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The Windows Creators Update: Are You Ready?

2nd February 2017 by in category IT Support Blog, Microsoft Windows

How the Windows Creators Update could see Microsoft muscling in Mac territory For many years, the Apple Macintosh has been the go-to machine for creatives. Many swear by Macs due to their user interface and processing power. For the average person on the street, the Microsoft Windows powered PC has been a de facto standard […]

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Get Your Kicks on Chrome 56

27th January 2017 by in category IT Support Blog

Google Chrome 56 released with new security features and bug fixes This month, Google Chrome 56 was released with a host of new features that will please anyone who has experienced slow browsing speeds on previous versions. For users with Windows, macOS and Linux operating systems it will strike a blow to Adobe Flash and, […]

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In Video: The Apple Macintosh at 33

24th January 2017 by in category IT Support Blog

A visual retrospective and celebration of the Apple Macintosh computer, now in its 33rd year as an Apple product line Where were we 33 years ago? Back then, the ZX Spectrum and Commodore 64 were the main computer formats of the day. There was this rather new pop group from Liverpool whose Number One single […]

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Windows 7 Set to Fade into the Sunset

19th January 2017 by in category IT Support Blog, Microsoft Windows

One last push to signal the death warrant of Windows 7 You can’t put a good operating system down. For nearly eight years, Windows 7 has been the operating system of choice for many users. It combines the aesthetic razzmatazz of Windows Vista and the stability of Windows XP. For many, the seventh version of […]

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